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Personalized and professional care is our goal! Physicians at Orthopedics Northwest have been serving the Central Washington area for over fifty years. When you visit our office, you’re in the hands of one of the most experienced Foot Surgeons in the state. Our highly trained medical staff will answer all of your questions and do their best to keep you comfortable and informed. Here are some guidelines to ensure your visit goes smoothly.

Personalized and Professional Care

Your First Visit

Welcome to Yakima Foot & Ankle Orthopedics! We are glad you have come to us for your care and we are confident that our personalized and professional care will help feel that you have chosen the right place. At your first visit we will collect all of your information and do a full examination so we understand your condition and discuss how we can care for you. Please bring your insurance information (for most people, their insurance card), completed patient registration forms and health questionnaire (found below), as well as any previous tests (including x-rays, MRI, bone scans, CT or other medical records related to your condition).

Personalized and professional care

If you need more time to collect this information, please call our office to reschedule your appointment — we’ll serve you best with as much information as possible! If you have previous films or records pertaining to your condition and do not bring them to your appointment, you will be rescheduled. You do not need to bring previous non-weight bearing x-rays. If necessary, our office will take weight bearing x-rays during your visit.

Need to cancel or reschedule? We understand that sometimes plans can change. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, we simply ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice. This helps us stay organized and serve all our patients effectively. Like you, occasionally we encounter emergencies that force us to cancel our office appointments on short notice. If this happens, we’ll reschedule your appointment at the earliest time possible.

Before Your Surgery

What should I expect before surgery?

It’s normal to be a little anxious about your surgery — most people are. That’s why our skilled staff takes every precaution to ensure the best outcome.

Pre-operative evaluation and/or testing is always performed to determine if you’re able to safely have surgery. We also provide you with specific pre-operative testing and admission instructions so you feel prepared. And above all, we take the time to listen to and address your questions and concerns.

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