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As technology advances and new techniques arise we have a duty as providers to educate ourselves and stay up to date. Dr. DeMill feels that incorporating new techniques and technology should be done to improve patient care and help facilitate quicker recoveries in order to optimize patient outcomes

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Ankle Replacements have been around since the 1970’s but have had varying outcomes. Only recently has the implant technology and instrumentation made this a viable and predictable surgery for ankle arthritis. And, the technology is only getting better and better. As this technology changes, and updates are made, our practice will be on the forefront, making the best decisions for our patients. 

Cartiva® is a new way to treat arthritis of the big toe or Hallux Rigidus. This technique and product is backed by Level I clinical research and demonstrates substantial pain reduction, improved function and 96% excellent outcomes at mid-term followup of 5 years. Patients experienced a 93% reduction in pain, 168% increase in functional improvement and 50% increase in range of motion. 

I  have used this technique and product in my practice now and have seen equally excellent results. This is a technique that allows the patients to maintain their range of motion in the toe while getting significant pain relief. It also allows a quicker recovery!

Watch the video for a patient testimonial.

Platelet Rich Plasma

In the last 5-10 years or more patients and physicians have sought out better ways to achieve healing. PRP injections have been utilized as a natural way to heal tissues in the body including ligaments, tendons and joints.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is essentially a patients own concentrated platelets derived from their own blood. This concentrate of proteins contains growth factors that promote and stimulate the body to heal itself.  PRP Injections are given to help treat many different injuries and pathologies throughout the body but specifically in the foot and ankle these include plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis and ankle arthritis among others. 

In my practice, I use PRP to give patients another option for healing prior to considering surgery. I have found this practice to be useful and effective. 

Amniotic Membrane Grafts

Human Amniotic Membrane has been used in medicine for over a 100 years. These grafts have traditionally been used in plastic surgery, wound care and ophthalmology for their regenerative properties as well as reducing inflammation, adhesions and scarring. Recently research in sports medicine and orthopedics have suggested “many promising applications in sports medicine.”

I have personally done a safety analysis on this type of tissue and its use in the foot and ankle. Base on our research, “the use of amnion tissue in the foot and ankle setting is safe with a decreasing trend in overall complication rates compared with historically published norms.”

When appropriate, I use this technology to help my patients heal quicker with less inflammation and scarring. 

As research and technology in medicine advances we will be on the look out for ways to help our patients heal better, improve their function and optimize their outcomes. Some of the current research being done is on stem cells derived from fat tissue and bone marrow. We will continue to try to understand these advances and use them appropriately. 

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