Co-payments and account balances are requested to be paid at the time of check in. We accept payment in the form of cash, check and we can accept all major credit cards.  We do arrange budget/payment plans when needed and we can keep a patient’s credit card on file to be automatically run on the date they choose.

We can also keep your H.S.A. or flexible spending card on file, however, in the event that the funds in your account become insufficient, we will contact you to replace that card information with an active credit or debit card.



We ask patients to bring in their insurance cards at time of check in in order to obtain the necessary information in order to process primary or secondary claims.

Open Worker Compensation claims are accepted by provider referral (our staff verifies claim number and billing information before scheduling).

We are participating/contracted providers for almost all major insurance plans in our area (we suggest patients check with their plans if they are unsure). We accept Medicare Assignment and bill secondary insurance plans when needed.

If a patient has an HMO or PPO plan that requires a referral and authorization we make sure that we have these in place before scheduling an appointment. Please keep this in mind when trying to make appointments with our office. There are only a few insurance plans that require this but we try to expedite the process as quickly as possible.

Insurance Information

It is difficult to know all the specifics about each insurance plan. It is your responsibility to obtain referrals and determine if we are a provider within your plan. We also accept Medicare and will bill your secondary insurance when needed. However, complete payment is ultimately your responsibility.

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