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Our feet are the foundation of who we are. The anatomy of our feet is quite amazing! They take the whole load of our body weight while standing, 2-3 times our body weight while walking and up to 6-7 times our body weight while running or sprinting! Orthotics help support the foot and arch to provide a stable footing.


Some people have flatfeet and others have feet with high arches. If those foot types continue to overload the tendons, ligaments and joints abnormally this may lead to pain and problems in the future. Orthotics can help correct that malalignment and balance your posture.


As we age our feet change. Due to the effects of gravity and as our soft tissues wear they usually become wider and can become more flat. Orthotics can help prevent foot conditions by balancing the anatomy of the foot and ankle correctly. This prevents overuse of tendons, ligaments and joints up the leg and into the back.

Dynamic Orthotic Creation

At Yakima Foot & Ankle we use the Footmaxx orthotic system to help patients create orthotics that will achieve foot health by supporting your specific foot type, correcting any malalignment and preventing additional injury to tendons and ligaments.

Rather that using a static mold to create an orthotic the Metascan system uses actual real-time analysis of your foot while walking to create a truly custom orthotic for you!

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