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Foot Moxy?

Foot Moxy Shoes (formerly Roxy’s Shoes) is our recommended shoe store. It is owned and operated by Dr. DeMill and his wife, Britt. They offer physician approved shoes, insoles and foot care products for your best foot health.

Physician Owned

Located at 2201 W Nob Hill Blvd, Foot Moxy Shoes has been created to provide place where patients and customers alike will find physician endorsed shoe wear and accessories. We have partnered with companies to select supportive, comfortable and well designed footwear and footcare products. We work with major shoe retailers such as SAS, Alegria, New Balance and Merrell to provide top of the line selection of athletic, casual, work and dress shoes.

Personalized to Customers

The staff at Foot Moxy Shoes has 40+ combined years of experience in the shoe business. They are experts in the field of fitting and sizing shoes and insoles. In addition, they have had additional training by Dr. DeMill so you can count on their expertise, insights and recommendations to find you the best shoes and footcare products. 

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