Foot & Ankle


Our feet are constantly under stress, leading to 80% of Americans experiencing a foot condition at some point in their lifetime. An introduction to common conditions and the anatomy of the foot and ankle can lead to problem prevention and faster recoveries. Many problems are affected by activity level, occupation, other health issues, and even footwear. Take a moment to discover something new about your feet. Whatever condition you’re suffering from, we’re here to help you take the next step to recovery.

Foot & Ankle Anatomy

Having an understanding of foot and ankle anatomy will allow you to understand your foot and ankle issues. Here is a great video from that concisely explains the basic anatomy of the foot and ankle. 


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Foot & Ankle Exercise Program

Foot exercises are a great way to maintain healthy and happy feet! Click on the image above to download some simple exercises to help maintain flexibility, range of motion and strength in the feet.

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